Vierte Online-Begegnung – Fourth Online Get-Together

Bei der vierten Begegnung im Jahre 2021 ging es um Weihnachten! Nach einem digitalen Besuch des Dortmunder Weihnachtsmarktes –  – und – ging es um Weihnachtspläne. Weihnachts-traditionen in den beiden Ländern, Weihnachtsessen, usw. Alle freuen sich auf das nächste Treffen im neuen Jahr! In the fourth Get-Together of 2021 the topic was Christmas.… Vierte Online-Begegnung – Fourth Online Get-Together weiterlesen

Leeds strengthens ties with Dortmund

Leeds strengthens ties with Dortmund February 12, 2021 Leeds and Dortmund are committing to strengthening relations with the re-signing of their Memorandum of Understanding today, following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Stadt Dortmund (Germany) has been twinned with Leeds for over 50 years with 2019 being the 50th year anniversary of the partnership. With… Leeds strengthens ties with Dortmund weiterlesen

Leeds for Europe

Website:   https://www.leedsforeurope.orgFacebook: @LeedsEurope The members of „Leeds for Europe“ are keen to enhance educational, cultural and economic ties with Dortmund and feel that a proactive approach to the positive nature of relations with other European countries is something we should pursue. We would like to foster links between our city and the many communities… Leeds for Europe weiterlesen

International Police Association Dortmund

On the 2nd June 1969, the Lord Mayor of Leeds and the Oberbürgermeister of Dortmund signed a letter confirming the status of Leeds and Dortmund as „Twinned Cities“. The IPA members of Leeds and Dortmund have a long history together since our first meeting in 1969. The IPA of both Leeds and Dortmund have participated… International Police Association Dortmund weiterlesen