Leeds for Europe

Website:   https://www.leedsforeurope.org
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/leedsforeurope
Twitter: @LeedsEurope

The members of „Leeds for Europe“ are keen to enhance educational, cultural and economic ties with Dortmund and feel that a proactive approach to the positive nature of relations with other European countries is something we should pursue. We would like to foster links between our city and the many communities within Dortmund that have been established.

The group previously campaigned to remain in Europe during the referendum. However, we now focus on maintaining links with Europe, supporting common European values and ideals and celebrating our shared cultural heritage.

To this end we participated in Europa Direkt’s zoom call “ Hoffnung auf Wiederannäherung: Ein Deutsch-Britischer Abend über die Beziehungen zwischen Großbritannien und der EU (08.07.2021)  – Hope for rapprochement: A German-British evening on relations between Great Britain and the EU (July 8th, 2021)”.

Chair Richard Wilson and Twinning rep Jaqui Williams Durkin on Europe Direkt Zoom call.
Pauline Allon and Jaqui Williams Durkin at a “Brexit isn’t working” protest in June 2021.
Members taking part in a pro-Europe demonstration in Manchester.